Monday, March 15, 2010

People, Wake Up

It has been a hundred years that we have been trying to pass health care reform. If you think your health care provider is working in your best interest you are wrong. They work in the best interest of their shareholders. That's who they answer to. and they have no problem answering to them because they do a very good job. They bring in billions a year. Can anyone tell me an uplifting story about a health care provider that went above and beyond to help someone in need. I'm not talking about insurance agents. Everyone knows a good insurance agent. I'm talking about health care companies. By thanksgiving of 09 lobbyists for the health care providers and drug companies had already dished out 600 million dollars fighting health care reform. This week it's 1,000,000 a day. They are happy with the way things are. They are happy with Lipitor costing you $60.00 a month. While other people in other countries pay a fraction of the cost. Now add high blood pressure meds, birth control, psoriasis ect. these are all common everyday aliments. Now add 1200 a month to insure your family. Take the time to add it up. We can't afford it! And even if we could I feel so ripped off. The most advanced nation on earth and we are ranked 34th in the world for it's health care. I work for alot of doctors at a variety of hospitals in Chicago. When working with them I always ask about reform. 100 % are for health care reform. And while we are at it , could we help the doctors out? Malpractice insurance is out of wack. It's part of the reason rates are so high. Wake up people! Support health care reform! I don't care if your a Republicians, Democrate or an Indepenant. It's not about that! It's about us. You and me. Americans. What is the argument that it is going to cost us alot of money? It already cost us alot of money! People who don't have health care go directly to the emergency room when they are sick and you pick up the tab. You know it's true. And it happens over and over. They can't afford health care so you afford it for them. The abuse in our system runs ramped. Without major changes to our health care system, it will be next to impossible to fix our economy. And we have alot to fix. Take a stand! Help fix some of the things that need to be fixed around here. If you wait for the insurance companies to fix themselves...............Rest in piece.